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if the corn is to be 10000L in the trough then soyabeans will be of the same amount. The downside to this is that Pig Food is expensive, at $1.00 per liter ($1000 per Pallet). Since Pig Food requires barely any effort, it can be seen as more profitable than feeding crops to pigs. The primary product of Pigs is more Pigs. This huge DLC contains 20 pieces of equipment from the Kverneland group, one of the world leaders in farming attachment manufacturing. ??. Since pigs can quickly reach their maximum population if properly fed, a Pig Enclosure can easily become a very abundant source of Slurry and Manure. The rate of pig reproduction depends on how many pig of the same type are in the same Enclosure, and the current Productivity rating for that Pasture (see above). There is no functional difference between any of the different types of pigs, only physical appearance. FS19 JUMZ 6l V1.2. So if you only want to get free fertilizer, get some straw from them (for manure) and feed them with anything. As the Productivity drops, the base time to create a new pig increases exponentially: * It is not possible to breed pigs at under 4% productivity, as this implies at least one required material is completely missing). The Biogas Plant offers $0.18 per liter of either Slurry or Manure. Note that they require special machinery to use. Therefore, assuming you always try to sell your crops when their value is very high, Pig Food is worth the same value as its constituent parts. However, purchasing the Parcel that contains the Biogas Plant changes everything, as it allows you to sell both of these materials for straight profit - much more profit than the money you'd save actually using these fertilizers as fertilizers. Create a team of three and compete against the best players in the world to win prizes worth over 250,000€. However, pigs also produce slurry and farmyard manure. Sell your products in a dynamic market to earn money which you can invest in additional machinery and the expansion of your farm. Welcome! If you want to maximize profits with the least effort, you can buy the ready pig feed from the store, which ensures a 100% production efficiency. (after using a special harvester) Special characteristics: to harvest corn, you will need a special header and a planter. This is important, because in the first case the 5th pig will arrive after X/4 hours and increase the breeding rate, so the 6th pig will arrive after X/5 hours, the 7th pig will arrive after X/6 hours, and so on. You get $0.18 per liter of either material, while also producing 0.3 liters of Digestate per liter of Slurry/Manure. Each pig normally ejects 17.5 liters of food per day out of the trough. if 24 pigs per day is the piggin' limit. Crops Grains Wheat Requires: Cultivator, seeder, harvester with grain header. so after few jobs, and sales of harvest i got some money. If you want, you can use that fertilizer on your fields to save a little bit of extra money. More of this sort of thing: Farming Simulator 19 – Wheat, Barley and Oat So if you buy 12 pigs, you will get two times a day, i.e. Pigs produce Slurry and Manure as by-products. However this is inefficient and requires a lot of effort (and possibly Fuel). This is much more than the value of the food and Straw consumed in the breeding process - a significant profit. Basics to everything in Farming Sim 19 Crops Grains. and bought 3 new small fields, i think they are #23,24,25 on Ravenport , and on start i bought #19. as i got low on money i progressed slow, i bought around 20 pigs and waited it out, now i have around 60. The best way to dispose of bags from pallets purchased in the store straight to the tipper. your password FS19 John Deere 8R (2009-2011) Series US official v1.0. A single Pallet of Pig Food should provide enough food to breed just under 2 new pigs. Farming Simulator 19 game guide focuses on Crops and Farm Guide for beginners. Since different crops from the same Food Group are completely interchangeable with one another as far as the Pigs are concerned, it is always better to feed your pigs on the cheapest and most plentiful crop from each group: Feeding Potatoes, Sunflowers, Soybeans or Wheat to your pigs is sub-optimal, and can significantly reduce your overall profits. The only way you can make a decent profit out of them is by keeping the rate of reproduction high, and selling multiple of pigs. These bonuses are cumulative. If you own the Biogas Plant, instead of using Slurry and Manure on your fields you can sell these materials for an extra profit, usually much more than the money saved when using them as fertilizers. Usage: As food for: chickens, pigs; Chaff for compost (after using special harvester) Special Characteristics: Leaves straw; Barley Requires: Cultivator, seeder, harvester with grain header. You can boost the speed at which pigs breed by putting in extra effort in the form of bringing in Straw for the pigs and keeping their feeding area clean. If both Soybeans and Sunflowers are available but Canola is not, feed your pigs on Sunflowers. Note that the payment is only collected at midnight. FS19 JCB FASTRAC 3000 v1.0.0.0. With 300 pigs in the pen, you'll earn $9,180 per day just selling these fertilizers, making for nearly 25% extra profit from your pigs. FS17 Mods | LS 19 Mods. Surprisingly, this option is actually extremely competitive. EDIT - effective reproduction rates if you sell once per day - 100 pigs base = 18%, 200 = 18.5%, 300 = 18.7%, 400 = 19% How many animals? Pigs can eat 8 different Crops, with each crop providing a different effect on the breeding speed. This is a perfect mix of crops that instantly gives your pigs a base 80% Productivity. So, i was not getting an profit at all. $14.99. Additionally to breeding, Pigs can also produce two important by-products: Slurry and Manure. In Farming simulator 19, pigs are the most demanding animals in the game. Pig breeding requires you to provide your pigs with food. ... Sheep and Pigs husbandry placeable pack to place on your maps. Log into your account. Using Pig Food instead of actual crops can save a lot of effort, and does not require you to grow any crops. FS 19 Vehicles – FS 19 Vehicles; Farming simulator 17 mods – Farming Simulator 17 is a great choice! On farming simulator growing 80 pigs you will have overproduction of pigs, so you will be forced to sell pigs twice a day, if you want to maintain maximum profitability and population growth wealth. Modern Pigs Barn v1.0.0.0 – Farming Simulator 19. Learn More. The Productivity value is calculated based on which Food Groups are available to the pigs. These extra savings can result in Pig Food becoming the most profitable way to feed you pigs. The problem of course is that it is impossible to know how many times the player will choose to clean the feeding area, and at what time they will choose to do so. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Focus Home Interactive or GIANTS Software. Farming Simulator is available for: FSL. Step into the exciting world of farming with Farming Simulator 20! Each 1,000 liter Pallet of Pig Food dumped into the feeding trough instantly turns into 500 liters of Corn, 250 liters of Grains, 200 liters of Oilseeds, and 50 liters of Roots. In the second case, all 4 new pigs arrive together after X hours, suddenly boosting the breeding rate. Feed these crops only if none of the alternatives are available. Ultimately, you should aim to provide Pigs with at least one crop from each group to maximize their breeding rate. As a result, Pig Husbandry provides a constant and stable inflow of cash every single day. Pigs are one of the four animal types available in Farming Simulator 17.Pigs are the cheapest animal in the game (besides chickens).). Both of these materials are types of Fertilizers, which can be used on your fields instead of Store-bought fertilizers. In the end they eat grains worth of their produce. Sack of pig feed, available at the store. Harvest many different crops, tend to your livestock of pigs, cows, and sheep, and now ride your own horses, letting you explore the vast land around your farm in a brand-new way. Farming Simulator 19 is a farming simulation video game developed by Giants Software. If you are diligent and consistent in caring for your pigs and selling them off on time, the Pig Enclosure should provide you a very stable income per day that is completely independent of shifting market values. Pigs are a type of Animal in Farming Simulator 19. The base game provides two different models of Enclosures. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. A full Lizard Large Pig Enclosure can produce up to 28,500 liters of Slurry per day and 22,500 liters of Manure per day. In order to make a reasonable profit on them, you must maintain a high level of reproduction - selling multiplied pigs is the only way to get your money back. Nevertheless, this effect means that feeding pigs on just one or two types of foods (as long as it's not just Roots) is actually more profitable than the simple calculations above indicate. Remember that pigs will stop breeding if you run out of room in your Pig Enclosure. You must fill the manure spreader yourself. These proportions are exactly identical to the rate at which pigs consume each of the four food groups, so all four groups will run out simultaneously. Normally, these materials are used as Fertilizers to replace Store-bought fertilizer varieties and thus save money. This also includes their byproducts like milk, wool, and eggs. This guide contains basics to everything in Farming Sim 19. You must select an existing Pig Enclosure in order to purchase Pigs. This is purely a waste of food, because without Water the pigs will not breed. As long as there is any kind of food in the Pig Enclosure, as well as any amount of Water, pigs will consume that food and water and breed more pigs. Remember, however, that these numbers are difficult to obtain due to the large amount of work with these animals, and sometimes you lose some of your money on food from the store. If provided with Water, each Pig consumes 20 liters of Water per day to produce 95 liters of Slurry. They do not need to be provided with any food in order to produce these materials at the maximum rate. Filling Bunkers with Grass | Green River | Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer: 2020-10-09: Harvesting maize Silage DAY 1 | 2000 Pigs Farm| Farming Simulator 19 | #4: 2020-10-08: Transporting Mini bales with Iveco | Farming in Les Chazets | Farming Simulator 19 | #2: 2020-10-07: I'm actually terrified from this game | Phasmophobia: 2020-10-07 You have to edit both careerSavegame.xml and farms.xml, and ensure that the money matches in both files. Pigs have a much higher value than the food they consume, and the price of Pigs never changes. Firstly soyabeans only account for 25% of the pig food yet it has to be the same number as the corn which counts 50% of the feed. Since this is also a single trip, you save a little bit on Fuel as well. Farming Simulator 19 … Additionally, providing Straw to the pigs and cleaning their feeding trough regularly helps increase the Productivity value further. To sell a pig, visit the marked area for animal loading/unloading, and press the "Animal Dialog" button Open Animal DialogDefault Buttons: R ?? Find guides to this achievement here. The impact is far less significant when the pigs are being fed multiple food types, but it still has an effect. Various Crops can be fed to Pigs to make them breed at a very high rate compared to other animals. i.e. Alternatively, place an Animal Transport on the marked area before opening the Animal Dialog to instead move pigs into the transport. Coz i started from scratch and wanted to go pigs. Instead of growing Crops from each of the four Food Groups (see above), you can buy Pallets of Pig Food from the Store, and dump them into the feeding trough.

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