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I cut one Storm’s Wrath from the main deck because it seems like there isn’t a lot of aggro right now, and I think it would be fine to move even more of them to the sideboard. I have been playing a good amount of Temur Reclamation on ladder again lately, because they metagame seems right for it. Out: 4 Reclamation, 2 Expansion/Explosion, 2 Thassa’s Intervention, 1 Mystical Dispute, In: 2 Redcap Melee, 2 Aether Gust, 1 Storm’s Wrath, 4 Nightpack Ambusher, Out: 1 Thassa’s Intervention, 1 Scorching Dragonfire, Out: 3 Storm’s Wrath, 2 Scorching Dragonfire, 4 Wilderness Reclamation, 1 Uro, In: 4 Negate, 2 Mystical Dispute, 4 Nightpack Ambusher, Out: 3 Storm’s Wrath, 2 Scorching Dragonfire, 4 Wilderness Reclamation, 1 Thassa’s Intervention, Out: 1 Brazen Borrower, 1 Mystical Dispute. You can watch the games here. Gadwick’s second ability helps you protect your life total in aggro matchups and sometimes it can single-handedly stop your opponent from attacking and give you enough time to assemble all your combo pieces. The Command Zone 843,660 views 3. This is something that comes up very often in the chat during my streams. 18 Sep, 2020. damianvc31 says: Possiamo dire che è un mazzo ben conosciuto da chi ha giocato lo standard ai tempi di Ravnica Allegiance, gran parte delle carte che compongono la lista è la stessa dell’anno scorso. This time I'm focusing on trying to kill my opponent with one cruel all-out spell to win it all. Twitch – Borrower is at its best when you bounce expensive cards like, If U/W Control decks are popular, I could see, Your combo is usually too slow in this matchup so I like to board into an Uro/Ambusher control. The deck has been around ever since the introduction of the card and has also enabled Instant speed, big mana cards cards like Nexus of Fate. ... Temur Reclamation (ELD Standard) Standard RUG (Temur) Chingu___ Edit Live Edit. Not sure if there is a way to make room for more Fabled Passages, but it would make Uro better. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. I’ve been pretty happy playing against the slow decks like Bant because they generally don’t interact with you in game 1, and then you just beat them post-board with the Ambushers when their hand is full of Dovin’s Vetos and Mystical Disputes. Cftsoc3 pulled off the 5-0 with Temur Rec in Pioneer, and I mean it literally. I got to try a bunch of new Standard decks during this weekend’s Standard Metagame Challenge and the one I liked the most was Temur Reclamation. I understand the benefits of it (for coverage purposes and to not put featured players at a disadvantage), but it discourages innovation and encourages everyone to just bring the best deck rather than try to catch their opponents off-guard with something new or something they don’t have a sideboard guide for. Just play some Scorching Dragonfires instead so you can interact with planeswalkers. Starting with Temur Reclamation! Edit. Youtube –, Instagram – With Growth Spiral, you can play it on turn 3 and getting to kill cards like Gruul Spellbreaker and Questing Beast is very important. On the other hand, you don’t want to keep hands that have only 1-2 lands because you need to make a land drop every turn. The main wincon of this deck is 1 giant explosion from the expand//explosion card. Aprile 24, 2020 mtgarenaitalia. For today's video we are diving into Temur Reclamation. A New and Exciting Beginning . I think the deck is very strong and will be a very big player in this new Standard metagame. This standard format looks sweet and we are just discovering all the new decks and possibilities. Mystical Dispute and Negate are mostly for control decks with Teferi and the mirror. Temur Clover is one of the easier matchups as well, and Jund Sacrifice is close to a bye. In addition to that, you only have Growth Spiral as a way to ramp, so a few additional copies of a similar effect are actually quite useful with 27 lands. I briefly tried Lovestruck Beast because it’s been amazing against Monored in the past, but they are now playing Embercleave, which makes it much less of a guaranteed brickwall against them. This matchup is similar to U/W Control with the exception of them not having access to Teferi. By Luis Scott-Vargas / May 21, 2020 May 21, ... Luis is one of the most accomplished players in Magic: the Gathering history. 16 17 33 4. Temur Reclamation – Standard | Channel Pascal Temur Reclamation is based around getting one or several copies of Wilderness Reclamation in play and using them to essentially multiply your mana – Reclamation allows you to cast spells both on your main phase and on your opponents’ turn, so you can cast Gadwick for X=2 on turn 5 and then still have mana up for Thassa’s Intervention to counter whatever they play. If U/W Control decks are popular, I could see Niv-Mizzet as a replacement for Gadwick, but for now I’ve been pretty happy with it. Decks which don't run cards that have been banned: Mono Green Aggro Mono Red Aggro Mono Black Aggro. Aether Gust is against Green Midrange decks with Nissa, Who Shakes the World. I went 7-0, having never played the deck before. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Updated Feb 05, 2020 by BooksRcooldude using our MTG Deck Builder. Step 2: Wilderness Reclamation You don’t care about them resolving a bunch of Cat and Trail triggers because they don’t have any real clock or interaction. Guides. Temur Reclamation . First, MTG Arena moves really quickly now and it sort of reminds me of a time when I used to play Hearthstone a little a few years back. I like Scorching Dragonfire in this matchup as an answer for Mayhem Devil, which is pretty much their only chance of beating you quickly. Lastly, Uro has been great at helping me beat Monored, which has gotten quite popular lately. Not my deck, NumotTheNummy's deck from stream Step 1: Get land out, lots of it. Here's One of my favourite decks of Theros So far, This one consists of ramping to crazy amounts of mana and then dealing massive amounts of direct damage to … The deck is able to manuever itself to have favorable matchups across the board, if you are careful, and pick the right sideboard cards. Terms of Use | Reclamation is your second most important card and the rest depends on the matchup. Here is another Deep Dive into the world of Standard. Uro is good if they are playing the non-creature version because it can be very hard to get rid of, but I don’t love it against Esper Hero. Against control, and even against red, I just board out most of the Reclamations and transform into a Temur Flash deck with Nightpack Ambushers and a lot of interaction/counters. Temur Reclamation attualmente è uno dei pochissimi mazzi control che si vedono giocare in ranked. Decklist: 2 Niv-Mizzet, Parun (GRN) 192 4 Chemister's Insight (GRN) 32 … The biggest reason I keep winning is the transformational sideboard. Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation is a combo deck that generates a lot of mana using Wilderness Reclamation at the end of your turn for a giant Expansion // Explosion! I found Esper decks to be a bad matchup because they have quick pressure in the form of Hero of Precinct One, combined with discard like Duress and Though Erasure and on top of that they make your life even more miserable with Teferi and countermagic like Dovin’s Veto and Mystical Dispute. Temur Reclamation really shines in best of three. Your combo is usually too slow in this matchup so I like to board into an Uro/Ambusher control. In: 3 Mystical Dispute, 2 Negate, 3 Nightpack Ambusher, 1 Aether Gust, Out: 4 Brazen Borrower, 3 Thassa’s Intervention, In: 4 Scorching Dragonfire, 3 Nightpack Ambusher. I'm back with another Standard deck. Temur Rec is and continues to be a top tier deck, despite not having a companion. RUG (Temur), Not my deck, NumotTheNummy's deck from stream, Step 1: Get land out, lots of it. (Temur Reclamation is also known as Temur Reclamation, Simic Flash or Temur Flash). Lets climb up the ladder with them top meta decks! Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Export to: Creature (4) 1. Search Bar. Instagram – Brazen Borrower is good against Midrange decks and sometimes to help you not die against a quick Regisaur, but most importantly it’s one of your only ways of getting rid of a Teferi in play. You can help support it by using this link when you buy cards from ChannelFireball. Temur Reclamation We have collected the top Temur Reclamation Pioneer decks from the latest tournaments. Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation: Toni Ramis Pascual: 450 tix $ 469 - 3 - 1 Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation: Luca Moretti: 452 tix $ 447 - 3 - 1 Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation Temur Reclamation: Josh Yukawa: 482 tix $ 492 - Maybe you’re still supposed to keep it over something else and try to set up a situation where you force them to counter something at the end of their turn, then untap and resolve a big Gadwick, but so far I haven’t been too successful with it. Temur Reclamation Standard Mythic Ikoria. His busy travel schedule has him attending most Grands Prix worldwide, and he brings an international perspective on preparation to Team ChannelFireball. Cards like Arboreal Grazer, Paradise Druid and Leafkin Druid help you get ahead on mana, but they stay in play and your graveyard is usually empty. On top of that, if your opponent ever uses the -3 on their Teferi and gets it down to 4 or less loyalty (which usually happens when they have to bounce a Brazen Borrower that you play in response to Teferi), you now get to kill it with Storm’s Wrath. Nightpack Ambusher is a sweet way of transforming your deck into Temur Flash after sideboard in the right matchups where you don’t want to tap out on your own turn too often. YouTube – I think the deck is very strong and will be a very big player in this new Standard metagame. I have mentioned previously that I don’t like Uro in the Simic ramp decks, because it’s way too expensive for an Explore effect (that your deck already has a ton of) and it does nothing without Cavalier of Thorns because it’s otherwise impossible to fill your graveyard quickly. Boarding out 1 land might also be reasonable here because they have a lot of discard and you need to have as many business spells as possible. It’s the most important card in this deck early on because it allows you to possibly play Reclamation as early as turn three. 2019 Holiday Exchange! Temur Reclamation Four Colour Reclamation Bant Ramp Rakdos Sacrifice Azorius control Jund Sacrifice Sultai Ramp. Temur reclamation is one of my favorite list's ever made, so i've modified my list to be rotation proof, Now with M20 there are some new threat's that can shut us down instantly, the biggest one being leyline of sanctity Which says "you have hexproof" so we cant target them with expansion explosion or ral's outburst, to try and counteract this we run 1 callous dismissal in the main board and 2 in the side. Having multiple Reclamations in play means you get to tap all your lands in between resolving the triggers and float even more mana. Discord Server | I believe aggro matchups are also fine at the moment, as I have been mostly beating all the red decks I faced, but those matchups are always very close, so you need to play carefully. Expansion/Explosion is also way more than just a big Fireball, allowing you to copy your opponent’s discard spells like Thought Erasure and helps you win counter wars when you get to copy their counters. I’m pretty sure you don’t need Sorcerous Spyglass either, because the Jund Sacrifice deck is a pretty easy matchup and you don’t really care about them doing all the cat tricks that only drain you for 1 life a turn. In the post-board games we get a lot more tools to interact with the opponent and play more of a tempo game by applying pressure with one creature while holding up interaction.

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