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Ambient Sound Mixer is that app. Let your brain relax while listenig to various ambient music and sound mixes. Machinery and consoles hum and softly beep to themselves as the TARDIS travels through the vortex of time and space. So, in mixing this, I hope I've brought a little bit of Africa to her. 27906 views (last 7 days) 747 votes Vote now! Download Ambient Sound Mixer and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Dive into the worlds that were created between the pages of your favorite fantasy novel, or help your … Atmospheres for which you use sounds of crowds: people screaming or yelling, talking, conversations or cheers; these ambient mixes can be found here as well. We also have some relaxing music videos on our YouTube channel if you want to have a look at them. A Library, 1732. by cathedral. He studies and relaxes with only the company of … Enter into a world with sounds of wild and beautiful nature, fantasy, science fiction, thrill, horror, ambient noise, adventure or even meditation. Create your own creepy sounds. The ambient mixer is not seen as a music mixer at first sight. It makes me smile to know that I can play a small, helpful part in each of your lives. Loki takes some time for himself in his chambers, disregarding the outside world for a while in favor of literature. Read the Tutorial and feel free to share your packs, so i can promote them here. Search for atmospheres. Ambient Mixer is a community driven project offering you some unique quality soundscapes with different atmospheres for chilling, relaxing or as background music for tabletop games. One of the great feature of our online mixer is that you can load whole pieces of music inside the mixer and add all kind of sounds. All kinds of unreal atmospheres wait for you in this category. ), etc. This software comes with a lot of ambient sounds like light rain sound, rain on roof sound, campfire sound, light wind sound, animal sounds (woodpecker, toad, bullfrog, etc. Listen to free audio atmospheres. Its guardian, Lord Elrond welcomes you … You can view options to generate different types of sound on the interface of this software. If you don't find the perfectly fitting category for your ambient mix, you can put it in here. Featured atmospheres: Listen. Variety of sounds for one region (changing from time to time) Reworked engine (now includes more options) Create your own pack? Ambient Mixer . This category includes all kinds of outdoor and nature-related sounds, ranging from rain noise with different kinds of rainy atmospheres (from soft drizzle to a rain storm), to forest sounds with all kinds of birds and other wildlife. There is nothing more pleasant to hear than the sound of the nature in the middle of warm summer forest. You just have to rembember that the mixer is a tool to mashup sounds. Hidden deep withing the gorges of river Bruinen, lies the last bastion of eldarin wisdom and knowlegde in Middle-earth - Imladris. Give yourself the creeps with the sound of abandoned places, wolves howling in the night, and witches dashing through the sky. Mix your own ambient sound online. Home; Blog; FAQ; Advertise; Donate; Mobile version . Listen to free audio atmospheres. All sort of human crowds atmospheres belong in this category. You should know I read each and every comment. Birds sing their beautiful songs, wind blows gently among the trees their tranquillising melody, and time seems to be slowing down and down. Chill with scary sounds of wild animals in the dark, get the creeps with horror sounds of haunted houses, or focus on your urgent spaceship repairs in orbit. A lovely choir and images of a rocking hammock in the hull of a boat adrift will leave you relaxed. Listen to nature ambient mixes with thunderstorms, wind, and lightning, or water landscapes with rivers and creeks. We have a lot of relaxing atmospheres you can find in the other categories like in the Nature or Music category. But it obviously can be used as a music mixing tool also. You can further effectively mix and create your own sounds. Ambient mixers play on the proven ability of certain background noises or sounds to improve levels of creativity and productivity. Listen to all kinds of nature sounds. Listen to the sounds of jungles and deep river, the sounds of wild animals or beautyful birds songs. Load a sound into each channel. This means, you can mix up to eight different sounds or loops you choose. Create your own wildlife audio ambient mix online. Start using the sound and music mixer. Listen to these video game inspired ambient mixes to re-live your favorite parts, draw inspiration based on the games, or create the perfectly fitting background music to replace the one already included in the games. You noticed that there are several ambient mixes of you or other users that would fit into a category we do not have? Nature Mixer is a customizable audio-visual nature experience generator, created by photographer Phil Mosby. Mix your own ambient sound online. Often, in life, we like to daydream about people who's lives are, perhaps, more fantastical than …

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