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There’s growing public interest in opening up previously hidden parts of subterranean London – from the unearthing of buried rivers , to the success of underground tourist ventures like the Cabinet War Rooms and the Mail Rail . These twin routes allow engineers ready access to machinery in the barrier’s silvery piers, which would otherwise require a boat. Vintage station posters. Research and exploration of manmade and man-used underground places around the United Kingdom, including discussed stones quarries, mines, wartime subterranean factories and ammunition stores, Cold War nuclear hideaways, and modern day underground secrets. The must-read London articles. St. Ermin’s Hotel, Caxton Street, to Westminster. Charing Cross. Does it exist? To end on a positive note, I finish with a set of tunnels that you might get the chance to see in a few years’ time. Anyone from St Ermine's reading and want to take us on an investigative site visit? Does it exist? Rumoured tunnels. Paranormal Team To Become The First To Stream … Wherever you find spooks, you will find rumours of secret passages. Since Secret London HQ used to be in Holborn, this one had us a little more worried than the rest! It is rumoured that tunnels still remain underground, linking to one of our sister pubs, the Glassblower." So unless you’re prepared for a feculent SCUBA dive, you ain’t ever going to see it. The coolest London events from our partners. It links together those two private parks that sit between Regent’s Park and Portland Place. Similar underground tunnels were built in Birmingham and Manchester. London's 'secret Tube': Abandoned tunnels used by the century-old Mail Rail given approval to open as a tourist attraction. Tours of Euston start in an abandoned station building that’s still decked out in its distinctive oxblood-red tiles, designed by one of London Underground’s most famed architects, Leslie Green. The River Fleet once flowed from Hampstead Heath through King’s Cross and on down to Blackfriars. Please do feed us with information about other rumours and legends in the comments below. However, we can't find any evidence of a workhouse on this site in either the newspaper archives or on old maps. Beneath Clapham South Tube station lie a warren of tunnels which provided shelter for 8,000 people during World War Two. The Royal Mail’s ‘secret’ railway was the first driverless electric railway in world, with trains running for nineteen hours a day deep beneath the choked streets of central London, transporting mail safe from traffic and weather. The idea of a workhouse split in two, connected by a tunnel, sounds plausible. © 2020 Thinking Bob | All rights reserved | T&C’s and Privacy Policy, Today, it’s used mostly as a storage area for Camden Council’s road teams. The tunnels of pub legend that may or may not have some basis in fact. Plan your day ahead or read the day's London headlines with our daily emails. According to the pub's website, a tunnel used to run from here to the Duke of Argyll's home, where the Palladium now stands. One suggestion, based on hidden accountancy, reckons there's a connection between Whitehall and MI6 headquarters at Vauxhall Cross. An extra quick route for Royals when they have a … With Londoners encouraged to buy more electric cars and London needing more energy, 'power tunnels… 6:16. The Whitehall tunnel is connected underground to both the tube tunnels and the British Telecom cable tunnel network (built after the war) at Trafalgar Square." London is big, bold and beautiful, with enough iconic settings and scenes to fill a country. This four-mile sewer runs from Abbey Mills to Beckton, up to 80 metres below the surface. If there is a regal escape route, it is more likely to be a conventional tunnel connecting up to the government complex beneath the Admiralty and Whitehall, which certainly exist. London. Meet new people you click with at thinking bob. The passage contains a series of brick arches that get progressively narrower as the gallows site is approached. Hidden deep beneath our feet, these bunkers woul… We welcome any information. Read more: Hidden London tours: The secrets of Down Street Tube station. London’s deepest tunnel will also be its least-seen. Read more. (Source: With the blitz in 1940 the Government decided to build "deep level shelters", connected to the tube network and built by London transport. Tours of Euston start in an abandoned station building that’s still decked out in its distinctive oxblood-red tiles, designed by one of London Underground’s most famed architects, Leslie Green. Despite being a master of the underground, Dick Turpin didn't have access to tunnel-boring machines. Any other properly mysterious tunnels to declare? Hidden deep beneath our feet, these bunkers woul… The best things to do in London. The Admiralty Citadel, London's most visible military citadel, is located just behind the Admiralty building on Horse Guards Parade. We are the same, in the 20 years we have lived here we can honestly say that we have hardly visited the major attractions, preferring to see the hidden gems that London has to offer. 50+ videos Play all Mix - London secret tunnels under Hyde Park YouTube; Abandoned Tube Stations (Pt.1) - Duration: 6:16. It was separated into two buildings that were connected via a large underground tunnel.". The second, shown above, connects the Wellcome Trust building to a property across the road, formerly owned by the Trust. It was constructed in 1940–1941 as a bomb-proof operations centre for the Admiralty, with foundations 30 ft (9.1 m) deep and a 20-foot (6.1 m) thick concrete roof. THIS is London’s last line of defence: a network of secret underground bunkers designed to be used in the event of a nightmare nuclear attack. A new book from the London Transport Museum uncovers the secret world of London's abandoned stations and underground structures. Amongst the hundreds of miles of tube tracks and railway lines lies a forgotten railway – the Royal Mail rail tunnels. And if you happen to work at one of the places listed, we'd be especially interested to hear from you. The Old Bailey famously stands on the site of Newgate Prison, for centuries the chief holding place for condemned criminals. Euston station opened in July 1837 as the terminus of the new London & Birmingham Railway, which connected London and the Midlands for the first time. Take a look at what we’re up to this week and come along! Does it exist? A tunnel under the road leads to Chigwell School, which also dates from this period. The photo above was taken directly beneath Holborn Viaduct, where the Fleet bifurcates into two channels. The allure of this stygian realm is evident whenever tours of Aldwych station or Brunel’s Thames tunnel are announced, and immediately sell out. Technically, the catacombs are off-limits, but a doughty explorer can gain access by kayak from an opening on Regent’s Canal known as Dead Dog’s Hole. Underground London: adventures in the secret city beneath our feet Inside one of the snarl of secret tunnels that keep the capital running Exploring the … Tragically, around 1,200 houses were destroyed or damaged in the raid of 1940. Or was a smuggler and needed the tunnels to carry out covert … This would eventually become the London, Chatham and Dover Railway. Euston’s Lost Tunnels is one of the London Transport Museum’s Hidden London tours, which cover eight different underground sites across the city. Its premises are full of obscure wonders: one of its walls originally bounded a Tudor tennis court; while a giant set of scales has weighed every notable customer from Pitt the Younger to Chris Tarrant. Sort of. The mysterious seemingly endless tunnels and secret staff codes of the Tube have long been a point of fascination for ordinary Londoners. This former pub turned Turkish restaurant has Tudor origins. Guardian. However, the most important of these networks were built in the capital, around the London Underground, with secret tunnels linking them together and with key Government buildings. Also on Hidden London roster this time around is Aldwych station, which has had a second life as a film set since being closed in 1994. Londonist Ltd 972,153 views. Certainly, there is an extensive network beneath Westminster, known as Q-Whitehall. Get an intimate peek into one of London’s most intriguing hidden spaces. Cable runs underneath London often serve as conduits for gas, electricity, telephone lines, & even fiber optics ... a Secret Labyrinth of Tunnels and Creepy-Crawlies. London's 'secret Tube': Abandoned tunnels used by the century-old Mail Rail given approval to open as a tourist attraction. No idea. Hidden London, a series of tours at disused stations and secret sites around the city, is run by the London Transport Museum and lets you peek behind closed doors that are usually bolted shut. It's a relief sewer, taking up waste that would otherwise be piped into the River Lea. Restaurant manager Colin Hunt confirms the tunnel's existence in this here local news article. Authors Rachel Howard and Bill Nash have prowled the city streets, seeking out the hidden, eccentric and overlooked. Various proposals have been suggested, including a tunnel from Buckingham Palace to Green Park tube station or (marginally more plausibly), direct access to the Victoria Line, which runs beneath the Palace. A secret network of railway tunnels once conveyed more than four million letters a day underneath London's streets When it first opened in 1927, the … Secret Tunnels Under London, Once Used to Hide Art During WWI, Open to the Public for the First Time Explore the 6.5-mile-long network of hidden mail tunnels starting this July

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