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Live edge spalted pine live edge. September 27, 2018 Urban Logging Sawing. Huge Silver Maple. All of our slabs are taken from rescued trees and kiln dried in our own dehumidification kilns to ensure quality. Silver Maple. I bought a big Silver maple slab without reading about the wood type. Silver Maple. Russian Olive. Senior Member . $665.00. Robbinsdale Maple Offcut [Making sure the saw still cuts wide] August 16, 2018 Urban Logging Sawing. Sawyer the pup loves days at the shop. Slabs Silver Maple Silver Maple 151019_06_07. Only 1 left in stock. $35.00. Over 12', Slabs Silver Maple Natural Edge Slab #2-28-19-04 (150″ x 28″ x 2.25″) $ 1,505.21. Please visit my Patreon page if you have time. Reclaiming Wood From Your Neighborhood We are open by appointment! Sugar Maple Cross Cut Slab. $29.69 shipping #1905 Live Edge Unique Red Cedar Craft Wood Slab Rustic Decor Sign bandsaw mill . Elm Slab. Raw Walnut. $130.00. Rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable to perishable in regard to decay resistance. At KC Live Edge Slab Company we don't believe in harvesting trees strictly for their lumber value. Numerous checks, cracks, incursions, and pin holes present. Proudly created with Perfect for a coffee or end table. Spalted silver maple slab. Oak lumber in varying widths and 7′-8′ lengths. First time posting. That's why we salvage all of our own wood sustainably and responsibly from local trees. All slabs may be viewed in person at our store in Kansas City, KS. A good selection of both 5/4 and 8/4 thicknesses available. width. (down to 25-3/4") x 1-3/8" This slab has incredible color and figure with live edges! Silver Maple Slabs Lot 062119. If you require shipping, please reach … What We Do; Pick-Up Items; Architectural; Furniture; Built-in Millwork; Miscellaneous; About; Sawmill; Live Edge Slabs and Mantles. arvanlaar. Page 1 of 2 Next; We Sell Reclaimed Wood and Build Custom Furniture We offer more selections at our shop. HOW TO CLAIM A SLAB. 84.0 lb | 63" x 56" max. Kiln Dried Lumber. Location: Middle … MPI Woodworking. Items in this collection are un-surfaced and may not be fully dried. To schedule, please call (612) 581-0252 or email us Minneapolis Lumber Store Hours & Directions LUMBER STORE 2616 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406 CORPORATE … Selling this live edge slab coffee table Over 100 year old Silver Maple This tree was struck by lightning so it has a neat shape to it Epoxy coated for a durable, gloss finish Black steel base About 36" diameter and 16" tall $450 Pick up in Brampton Delivery possible for a fee, if you come pay for it first Handmade Silver maple slab table with white pedestals, Butternut wood bench and upholstered chairs. SKU: 6-24-20-07 Categories: Slabs, Under 8' Tag: Silver Maple Share: Description; Reviews (0) This fine product is made of urban trees reclaimed from Minneapolis / St. Paul neighborhoods. slabs from the same log. $1,437.49. Live Edge Slabs (Various) $75.00. Huge Silver Maple Slab. 1. Click green "Submit" (top-right) 3. Other Species. Add to Cart. Chainsaw mill white oak 50'' wide. Quantity. Be sure to check the product moisture reading before purchasing. Has a fine, even texture. Silver Maple Slabs; White Oak Slabs; Wych Elm Slabs (Rare) Walnut Slabs; Walnut Mantles; Wormy Hickory Slabs; Chestnut Beams; Contact Us; Projects. Hey All, So my brother in laws are over helping me on my roof … I did find the Elm, but it took me a while because there were these incredible slabs that kept catching my eye. It has not been surfaced so is considered rough (RGH). The projects are unlimited with this lumber. Ash Slabs; Baldcypress Slabs; Black Locust Slabs; Bradford Pear Slabs ; Cherry Slabs; Hybrid Poplar Slabs; … Add to cart. Black Cherry. We're calculating this at approximately 53 board feet in total. Currently I sanded the main side all the way to 320, super smooth. Check out a sample of Jeff's mill work and beautiful lumber! These slabs are rare, fine examples of Silver Maple live edge slabs. Green Ash. Shipping Methods: Shipped UPS. Tweet Thread Tools: Display Modes: post #1 of 10 Old 08-19-2015, 09:57 AM Thread Starter. This beautiful live edge kiln-dried silver maple slab is highly figured with tight graining and loads of character. Ending Nov 23 at 1:46PM PST 9d 5h. We have a large selection of rough-cut slab goods which can be purchased by the single slab, or entire boule. Regular price $215.00. The sanding process for me was a breeze but I reached a point where I need some assistance instead of searching through posts for a solution like a headless chicken. Rustic Shelf Slab. Box Elder Crotch. $34.29 shipping. $ 660 Inquire about this wood slab. Silver Maple can also be seen with curly or quilted grain patterns. Black Walnut. Here's a slab table I made for my sister's birthday, made of a book matched pair of silver maple slabs, placed on some repurposed pedestals that I painted white, the bench is made from a butternut plank. It is just as durable and resilient as other kinds of wood, such as standard maple. Grain/Texture: Grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. Silver Maple Slab. Cut to 1 and 3/4 inches thick, 9 feet long and book-matched to 52-54 inches wide. other slabs. We offer planing/CNC surfacing of slabs up to 5' in width. For more information about our maple wood for sale, as well as our other live edge slabs and products, give us a call today at (317) 448-6662! First Round of Slabs – 11:05 Cutting Through Steel – 22:11 Rolling the Log and Second Round of Slabs – 31:40 Conclusion – 39:05. $650.00 Price. We call these two, the SPOOKY SLABS, due to what appears to be a face within the center of these two book-matched pieces of Silver Maple. 670kg/m³ Base: 22" Middle: 23" Top: 32'' length. SILVER MAPLE . There are various maple species such as Silver Maple or Red Maple. Walnut and Silver Maple slab The maple is 6 feet long and about 16 inches wide and 2+" thick ($100). Mappa Burl Wood Slab – Kiln Dried $ 1600-1760 See Details. Silver maple log. Location: Cannington ON. $170.00. Baldwin Hardwoods 208 Racquette Drive Unit C1 Fort Collins, CO 80524 (970) 213-8608. Projects; Blogs; Reviews; Forums; Videos; Shops; Jocks; Sign In or Join Now! Join Date: Dec 2014. Quick tutorial for staining large slabs, like this amazing maple live edge piece from Westgate Hardwoods. Get yours now while prices are low. Aromatic Cedar (Planed) Regular price $400.00. Almost all of the Silver Ash is quarter sawn into 2 inch pieces, however, other furniture sizes such as 1inch boards, 4×4 inch posts and limited slabs are also available. View Full Description . The key with spalted maple is to ensure that the wood is rescued at the right time. $22.00. Spalted silver maple slab. Spalted maple originates from maple wood, but is created during the stages of decay. The character, color and figure in these two pieces is completely NUTS!! Natural edge slab measures approximately 71″ x 28″ x 2″. Complete request as prompted, and we will contact you. Walnut Slab (Various Sizes) $315.00. 2" 1/8; We have a number of other maple slabs perfect for bar-tops (with inlay options). … Notes: For more information call: 216-870-0615. Click "claim slab" 2. Sawmill & Lumber Gallery. Redwood slab #103 32 1/2 x 23 1/4 x 1 3/4. Comments Cancel … Show More. I was on the hunt for some Elm for a project in process, and went to my go to Urban Wood source, in Anaheim, Ca. … ADD approx. 11' thickness. M-F, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Same day appointments available. Kiln dried and ready to be worked. This is a bookmatch set to W59589 but sold separately! Next in Sawing . Afromasia Table Top Slab (African Teak) $ 1900 See Details. The Black Walnut is about 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet wide and 1+" thick the one on the right ($40). Regular price $890.00. Silestone, leader in high quality quartz surfaces for the world of the design and architecture, presents his color Blanco Maple Milling in Idaho. Honey Locust. Previous. 0 bids. It measures 2 inches thick (8/4) and is approximately 8 feet from end to end. The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, from the Royal Canadian Mint, is the second most popular silver coin we offer, behind the American Silver Eagle Coin. I appreciate any support. Length: 25" Width: 17" Thickness: 2" Additional Details: Slightly Twisted. Spalted Silver Maple Slabbing – Smaller log . Silver Maple Leaf Coins are highly recognizable around the world and fully guaranteed by the Canadian government (enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP). Current selections are affordably priced. Box Elder Flames. White oak milling Feb. 2017 . LIVE EDGE SLABS. Location: Middle Haddam, CT Dimension: 103" x 21" (19") x 2.5" Length: 103" Min Width: 19" Max Width: 21" Thickness: 2.5" Species: Silver Maple. Siberian Elm. Kiln dried and surfaced on both sides. The growth rings tend to be lighter and less distinct in soft maples than in hard maple. Sponsors. Read more about Silver Maple at . Live Edge Silver Maple Slab. This slab was a bit of a siren song for me. Hours: Monday – Friday 9 – 5 Saturday 10 – 2 Silver Maple Slab – Kiln Dried. Silver Maple Slab77” Long x 32”-38” Wide x 2 ¾” ThickSpalted with heavy curlIn the roughKiln DriedShipping available, contact us for a quote Spalted silver maple slab. SILVER MAPLE - #151019_06_07. Worth of Maple Slabs . Rustic Flamed Silver Maple Slab. Silver Maple Burl Slab/ Live Edge Wood/ Live Edge Maple/ Silver Maple Slab- J&R. Huge Silver Maple. Silver Maple, kiln dried live edge wood slab for small table top. Scroll down to view images of smaller slabs. Spalted however represents a state of decay. Three different galleries of live edge Silver Maple slabs for sale: Large Slabs (over 72″ in length). Species: Maple; Western Big Leaf. ©2017 by Maverick Sawmill Services. Species: Silver Maple. Previous in Sawing. Red Oak in Madison, WI. Parota / Guanacaste. Silver Maple Natural Edge Slab #6-24-20-07 (71″ x 28″ x 2″) $ 608.00. Pecky Sinker Cypress (Rare) Regular price $270.00. Posts: 286 My Photos. Show More. So yes, that wood slab table you’re looking to buy with the interesting black lines and waves in it is actually a slab that has started to rot essentially. Walnut milling Madison, WI. $127.09 shipping. The top measures 36" across, the middle 38" and the bottom 46". Woodworking Talk - Woodworkers Forum > Forestry Talk > Forestry & Milling > Worth of Maple Slabs Reply. #1496 Silver Maple 14”/ 18”W x 92”L x 2”T $579 Long Narrow Slabs. MPI works with local homeowners and tree companies around the Pittsburgh area to source and salvage locally grown trees that are coming down for safety concerns, site development, and storm damage. Slab Number(s): #1228SM. Box Elder Crotch. The Silver Ash Kirby Fine Timbers supplies is mostly from North Queensland plantations which are over 50 years old. ON HWY 93 BETWEEN GOLDEN & BOULDER CO. 720-667-6571. ITEM#: SLM-0011 SPECIES: Silver Maple, Acer Saccharinum CUT DATE: 09/22/2017 PRICE: Call for Pricing LENGTH: 8’ MAX WIDTH x MIN WIDTH: 37” x 26” THICKNESS: 2 1/4” COMMENTS: One of a kind slab with spalt throughout.

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