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Spinner dolphins gather in groups, which may be quite small (just a few individuals) or very large (more than 1,000 animals). Spinner dolphin, also known as long-snouted dolphin belongs to the family of ocean dolphins. Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed mainly on small fish, squids and shrimps. The Spinner Dolphin is found in off-shore tropical waters around the world. During echolocation, the dolphin emits high-frequency sound pulses from an organ (the melon) in its head. Their preferred prey are fish and squid, which they find using echolocation. Researchers studied dolphin consumption in St. Vincent, where about two-thirds of the residents eat marine mammal meat. Spinner dolphins of Hawaii are nocturnal feeders and forage in deep scattering layers, which contain many species. Short Snouted Dolphin Little is known about the Short Snouted Spinner, only that it ranges from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean and […] There are 4 subspecies of spinner dolphins that can be found in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. They often live in larger pods with the numbers from 100 to 1,000 in them. It comes close to the coast only to find food. The gestation period for the dolphins is 10 months Spinner dolphin prefers open sea. What do Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins eat? The dwarf spinner dolphin may feed mostly on benthic fish in reefs and shallow water. For instance, bottlenose dolphins that live in Scotland love salmon, which is available in the spring and summer months. Most spinner dolphins rest during the day and feed at night. They feed at night and will often dive over 250 yards to eat. The sound waves bounce off objects around it and are received back into the dolphin's lower jaw. Spinner dolphins frequently travel in the company of other species, such as the spotted dolphin and, in Hawai'i, humpback whales. Targeting species such as lantern fish and squid (both of which are around two inches in size), spinner dolphins can attain depths of over 1,000 feet in search of food for the pod. There are two species of the Spinner dolphin: the Short Snouted Spinner dolphin and the Long Snouted Spinner Dolphin. Amazon river dolphins are known to eat more than 40 different species of fresh water fish, while spinner dolphins eat primarily jellyfish and krill. Chronic disturbance to resting activities can negatively affect the health and fitness of dolphins. Spinner Dolphin Behavior. Dolphin-directed activities have grown dramatically in recent years, and the easily accessible Hawaiian spinner dolphins face heavy and increasing pressures from people seeking a dolphin experience. The spinner dolphin feeds mainly on small mesopelagic fish, squids, and sergestid shrimps, and will dive 200–300 m to feed on them. In the winter, when salmon is scarce, they eat herring and mackerel. Schools of these dolphins have been seen mixed with groups of Pantropical spotted dolphins or Small toothed whales. The spinner dolphin (aka the long-snouted dolphin) is well-known for its acrobatic stunts and its ability to spin as it leaps out of the water, which is where the name spinner comes from.. Female spinners reach sexual maturity between 5.5 and 10 years, while the males can reproduce between 10 and 12 years old. This dolphin has four subspecies of spinner dolphins known as the central american spinner dolphin, eastern spinner dolphin, Hawaiian spinner dolphin and dwarf spinner dolphin. The team members analyzed meat and blubber from 28 spinner dolphins and 11 Atlantic spotted dolphins that had been caught near the island. Hawaiian spinner dolphins hunt in groups like an aquatic pack of wolves. As the name indicates, spinning is a big part of what their behaviors include. In the eastern tropical Pacific, spinner dolphins swim with yellowfin tuna, an association that has led to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of spinners in … The Spinner Dolphin is also famous for riding bow waves which are created in the water when boats go by.

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